Shopping Waco Texas
Waco is a laid back lifestyle that is founded on it's roots in Texas. Taking your time and strolling the local establishments to experience what the citizens are so thankful. This is an imperative part of what makes Waco the attraction that it is. Sweeping over Waco with a broad stroke will miss the pride and joy of the city. Ask the locals their favorite local Bar B Que restaurant, where to go to church, or where to get a personalized gift for a friend. Now that is Waco and that is shopping Waco.

When visiting Waco you will need a Waco Souvenir. These coasters of downtown Waco and other historic Waco stops are a sampling the of one of a kind memories. Shopping Waco is SO much more than national chains, It includes shopping for antiques and rustic industrial decor that is unique. Only minutes from shopping downtown Waco and the Silos of Waco means that is also an option. Come experience Waco!

​​Things to  do in Waco like the Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco Suspicion Bridge, Alico Building, Waco Hippodrome Theater, Downtown Waco Shopping, local Waco Restaurants are some of the great tourist attractions in Waco

Craft Gallery is Voted One of Top 10 Stores is Waco.​​