Craft Gallery was established on September 1,1993 in beautiful Waco, Texas.  
 Starting as only an idea to provide one location for local artisans to show and sell their work under one roof, Craft Gallery has provided a home for such artisans and vendors from all over the US for 24 years now! 
 Our passion is to provide the possibility for a vendor to own their own retail business and this has become a reality for many.
 What does this mean for our customers?  Over 150 shops under one roof!



Craft Gallery Trivia Game

1. What was the name of the dog on the Brady Bunch?
  A. Tiger   ****
  B, Sam
  C, Bear
  D, Lucky

2. In the last episode, "The Hair Brained Scheme", who had the very last words?
 A. Greg
 B. Alice
 C. Mike
 D. Cousin Oliver  ****

3. What name did Peter go by when he tried to make himself look older?
A.  Johnny Bravo
B. Phil Packer   ****
C, Doug Simpson
D. Mark Malard

4. What nickname did the kids give Cousin Oliver when he first moved in?
A, The Snitch   ****
B. Crybaby
C.  Bedwetter
D. The Jinx

5. What nickname did Mike have in high school?
A. Heartbreak Brady   ****
B.  Girl Crazy
C.  Hot Lips
D.  Freshboy Brady