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Come in and sit awhile and we will tell you the story of the Craft Gallery

Waco Shopping Mall
Booth Rental Information
   Booth sizes             Monthly Rate
       2x3                         $  49
       2x4                         $  55
       3x4                         $  69
       3x4 Wall                  $  79
       4x4                         $  75
       3x6                         $  100
       3x6 Wall                  $  119
       4x6                         $  125
       3x8                         $  130
       3x8 Wall                  $  135
       4x8                         $  140
 - Free remote stocking. You ship it to us and we will stock it for you.
 - Six month lease. During this time we will work to make you successful.
 - No work day required in the store. No credit card or advertising fees.
 - You can change size and location of your booth at any time.

Starting you own Small Business

   When starting a craft business, Craft Gallery has almost 25 years of helping vendors start from scratch. Arts and craft shows have been around for years but we were on the cutting edge of helping people to sell home decor and gifts for themselves. Craft Gallery took out so many of the headaches when we came on the market. So whether it is a do it yourself craft or an item that you are marketing in your booth, our job is to make you successful. 
Boutique Shopping Waco
When working on a Waco Fixer Upper!

   1.  Must stay up on the lastest trends and directions.  People do not want your outdated baggage.      
  2.  If you are going to the trouble of refurbishing a home, make it an experience for those who encounter it. You want them to "ooo" and "ahh" at your transformation. 
   3.  The more you experience in ideas and designs, the greater the pay off. Don't cut short your time learning what is available in this always changing world.
   4.  Local store are where you find the "true" original prizes that make your fixer upper its own. National chains are where you find last years ideas.
   5.  Wheather handmade originals, one of a kind antiques, or brand new items from market, Craft Gallery Home Decor and More Store offers them ALL.
Effective Advertising
Craft Gallery was started over 24 years ago and was one of the first craft malls in the state. What has made us so successful over all these years is the effective advertising that we do. It is a vital part of our success. Because we are committed to bringing new customers into the store, Craft Gallery has an extensive advertising budget and we use a variety of mediums to spread the word of home decor and gifts we offer. When starting your own business, we know you need help. That is our purpose, to make you successful. We work very hard to make our customers leave the store happy with a great experience. Our advertising includes television, newspaper, internet, billboards, bus benches, local magazines, and many social media. 
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